There is absolutely no doubt about it… with all of the changes in the world today, people are spending a lot more time at home. Whether you are working from home, home schooling your children, or just spending a lot more time relaxing with your family and friends… we are all finding ourselves at home more. We will explain how adding deck lighting can make a great home improvement.

Outdoor Living Change

With this sudden shift in society comes a desire for a better outdoor living area. What better way to enjoy your home, then upgrading your backyard? One of the ways to upgrade your outdoor living space while adding value to your home, is to add a deck. Decks create an outdoor living space to gather with family and friends, or to just take a break from your busy everyday life and relax. Everyone enjoys a nice experience out on a deck for entertainment and it is an easy way to host a gathering, celebration, or party!

With daylight savings day upon us… it is getting dark earlier and earlier. Deck lighting is a great way to extend the use of your deck for all hours of the day. At Tru-Scapes, we offer a wide variety of deck lighting products to help illuminate your outdoor living space and extend the time you spend relaxing. By adding safety, leisure, and a new ambiance to your outdoor space, deck lighting is sure to pay dividends.

Deck Lighting Products

From post cap lights to riser lights, to post mount lights, planter baskets, and a variety of oil lamps… we have all your deck lighting needs covered.

Instead of a single blinding high voltage flood light installed above your deck that hurts your eyes when you look in its direction… we offer low voltage LED lighting options that are much easier on your eyes. Our C125, C130, C104, C145 and C150 post cap lights all offer a gentle 360 illumination from the top of your railing post.

Want to spice up your deck even more, while adding safety? Our riser lights not only serve as an extra safety measure by lighting up your stairway… but also give an added illuminated touch to your deck. Our riser lights are also very simple to install and come in two different sizes. They are available in a single LED three inch, and a four LED six-inch lighting version, and available an array of colors… black, white, and brown.

Looking for a less expensive and more subtle way to downlight from your post? Check out our sleek two and a half inch puck light. Our puck lights are surface mounted to the side of your deck post for gentler lighting effect. Our puck lights are also available in white, brown, and black. These deck lighting options add a necessary aesthetic that will surely impress. If you are looking for further options, be sure to checkout our partner page, Tru-Scapes Landscape Lighting to add all the perfect hardscape lighting essentials.

Deck Lighting Solutions

No matter what type of outdoor living space you have at your home, Tru-Scapes lighting can extend and brighten up your space. Deck lighting will add value and beauty to your deck and help create a place for you and your family to make many memories. We invite you to shop our beautiful selection, and let us know if you have any questions or inquiries. Now let’s get outside and enjoy the outdoor space your home provides!

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