When upgrading your outdoor living space, there are many things to consider. Having a deck built is a great way to add value and flare to your back yard. Unfortunately, people forget the importance of integrating their entire outdoor living space. Tru-Scapes Deck To Landscape is here to help solve that issue.

Continuous Flow In Your Outdoor Living Space

When designing a new outdoor living space, merging both deck and landscape lighting is an easy way to provide a continuous feel and flow to your backyard. However, with many different options available to homeowners, it can become quite overwhelming. The challenge is making the correct selections. These are options that need to work well for you and your family. Different kelvin temperature of lights, varying brightness, array of styles, and AC or DC current are all common problems to run into while trying to integrate your deck and landscape lighting. So which should you choose?

Differing Currents?

Of the problems listed above, the biggest is creating one seamless lighting system. So then, comes the question of AC or DC current? The overwhelming majority of landscape lighting LED systems run off a transformer that is outputting AC current. The vast majority of deck lighting LED systems are powered by a transformer outputting DC power. This leads to the homeowner having to operate two separate transformers, one for their landscaping and one for their deck, which is a less than ideal situation for most.

Our Tru-Scapes® brand of lighting is here to alleviate these problems for you. All our deck lighting fixtures will operate off either AC or DC current depending on which style of connection you use. All the fixtures include a wire lead for the more traditional home run wiring method that is often used with landscape lighting installations but also include a plug that can be disconnected and used with the plug and play system that is commonly used in deck lighting. So regardless, if you have an existing lighting system that you are looking to upgrade or are doing a new lighting install Tru-Scapes® deck lighting will work for you.

Seamless Transitions

Another benefit of our deck lighting… it is designed to work seamlessly with all our landscape lighting fixtures. All the Tru-Scapes® light fixtures, both landscape and deck, output a warm white 2700 Kelvin light temperature. There is no need to worry about having different color lights transitioning from the deck to the landscape. All the lights can also be powered off our Bluetooth Transformer. This eliminates the need for multiple transformers. It also adds the benefit of controlling all your lights right on your cell phone.

At Tru-Scapes®, we are fully dedicated to providing a product that will bring you a one stop solution. Whether it be Landscape Lighting, Deck Lighting, or our other fantastic product lines… Tru-Scapes has you covered! Tru-Scapes Deck to Landscape can make all your outdoor living dreams a reality.



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