Tru-Post… Where it All Started

Have you ever wondered where our product line originates from? You’ll be surprised to learn that it all started with Tru-Post. Furthermore, we take great pride in providing customers with top-quality outdoor lighting fixtures.

What is Tru-Post?

Tru-Post was designed to simplify outdoor living design. Our unique line of Tru-Post products makes it easy and simple to update and change the look of your deck within minutes. Furthermore, the star of the Tru-Post product offering is the patented design of our post caps. These caps allow for quick and easy installation. We offer these post caps in a variety of sizes to fit the most common fence and deck posts. This includes a 2″ and 2½” black aluminum cap, a 4″ white vinyl cap, and a 4½” HDPE composite material cap (this fits TREX Transcend Deck posts) that is available in white, black, or brown. We also offer a universal wood mount that mounts to various applications.

The versatility of our different cap sizes makes it easy to switch between our most popular accessories such as the: Planter Basket, Oil Lamp, Solar Torch, 101 LED Light, and the 103 LED Light.

This unique system gives the consumer flexibility to change and update their outdoor space according to season, events, or ambiance. With a simple twist and turn, you can transform the look of your deck whenever you desire. We enjoy giving customers simple and easy outdoor lighting options. As well as, adding safety in minimal light conditions. So whether it happens to be a cold winter night and you’re looking to warm up and light up your outdoor area with a few solar torches… or a warm summer day and you are looking to brighten up your deck with our planter basket—Tru-Post has you covered! Equally important, all of our products are backed by a five-year limited warranty. Furthermore, you can check out our FAQ page for any questions you may have.

Planter Basket:

The Tru-Scapes Planter Basket is a favorite among landscapers and garden enthusiasts. Our planter basket is constructed with a powder-coated aluminum planter basket. This attaches to a 2″ powder-coated aluminum stem and one of our custom fence or deck post caps. In addition to these great features, our current model has a 14” coco liner basket, which is used to plant flowers of your choice to cascade over your deck railing or fence post. This coco liner basket comes included. As a result, this deck or fence accessory is a great outdoor product for prominently featuring plant material and items in accordance with seasonal décor.

Oil Lamp:

Our uniquely designed oil lamp torch canister keeps the flame burning bright and plentiful, even on windy days. It has an easy-to-assemble four-piece component system. Our lamp features a black powder-coated aluminum torch basket and a weather-resistant stainless steel finish torch canister. Attached to the basket and canister is a black powder-coated aluminum 12″ stem, and one of our custom patented Deck or Fence railing post caps. The oil lamp has become a favorite among online consumers due to its simplicity, longevity, and ambiance. When it comes to adding elements to your outdoor space, this stainless steel torch exceeds all expectations. Therefore, this trustworthy outdoor lighting source adds a classic style to your outdoor space.

It is a much cleaner look—rather than zip tying a Tiki torch to your deck railing or fence post. The Tiki torch style light has become a popular outdoor lighting option but does not offer the longevity and distinguished style of our oil lamp. We took the Tiki torch design and made it more suitable for your backyard to become a true oasis that matches your style and intended ambiance. Our customers absolutely love these!

Solar Torch:

In addition to our oil lamp, our Solar Tiki Torch lighting is one of the newest additions to our product line. Our solar torches can be placed around your swimming pool, fence, yard, along your deck railing, or anywhere on your property. You can add the perfect ambiance to your outdoor living area. The solar ability also adds a minimal cost to introducing or adding lighting within your outdoor space. This is a durable product with various lighting adjustments. You can keep the torch on constant, flickering, or pulsing. Many of our consumers enjoy the flickering setting, as this appears like a natural burning flame.

Deck & Fence Post LED Lights:

This LED post light is designed with a heavy gauge fully powder-coated aluminum fixture. It has a weathertight rubber gasket with a glass jar enclosure to protect the bulb and socket area. One of the best features of these lights is that they provide 360° of light output. The light includes a 3′ lead wire and two silicone filled wire nuts that are rated for outdoor and direct burial use. The fixture is only available in Black. We have seen these fixtures be installed on many residential and commercial projects as they truly embody the idea of what outdoor lighting should be.

With these wide variety of options, our Tru-Post product line is sure to beautify your outdoor living space. As a result, our products make it easy and simple to update the style of your fence or deck as the seasons change. For some more frequently asked questions, please refer to our FAQ page. For our landscape lighting options please go to

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