Thank you for your interest in Tru-Scapes Lighting. We have provided frequently asked questions and instructional pages to assist you in installing and maintaining our products. If you have any additional questions that you would like answered, please contact us directly.

Buying & Warranty

Where can I buy Tru-Scapes Deck Lighting?

Tru-Scapes Deck Lighting can be purchased directly through this website by retail consumers, dealers, contractors, or any purchaser. These products can also be purchased on Amazon, Ebay, & Wayfair.

What is the Tru-Scapes warranty?

Please click here to view our warranty information.

How does Tru-Scapes stand behind their products?

When you contact us you will be connected with an industry expert. Our team is focused on providing the best customer service and assisting all of our clients.

General Installation Guidelines

Do I need a permit to install Tru-Scapes Deck Lighting?

Most counties and states do not require permits to install low voltage lighting however be sure to check with your local codes if a permit is required.  Be aware all of our products operate on a 12-volt system with a UL Listed Transformer.

Will I get shocked if I touch the low voltage wire with the power on? Goes Here
No, you will not get shocked by touching the wire coming out of the transformer.  Wires are fully insulated for outdoor use.  Also, the power and current coming out of our transformer to the fixtures is not enough for most people to even feel at all, let alone give a shock if you touch the actual copper inside the insulation. It is best to make fixture connections with the power off to prevent damage to the LED lamps and internal components.
Is there positive and negative side of the wire
No there is no positive or negative charge in the wire with LED lighting.  Simply do not cross your wires making a connection and the lights will work. One tip—match the label side of the wires when installing to prevent ‘crossing’ the lines.
How to make a connection

We have videos and diagrams on our Tru-scapes website that show this. Where a fixture is desired cut the 12/2 wire.  Take either end, pull apart the 2 lines of copper to form a Y.  Strip off the insulation so copper is exposed.  Take one arm of the Y from the fixture lead and 1 arm from both the 12/2 Y’s and twist together and wire nut.  Repeat for the other.  Putting both arms of the Y together in the same wire nut will result in a short and the lights will not turn on. Tru-Scapes fixtures include a pair of gel-filled water resistant wire nuts properly sized for the connection of said fixture.

How many fixtures can I hook up in one (1) connection point?
Recommend no more that two(2) fixtures be wired in using the same pair of wire nuts.  More than two (2) fixtures make the copper connection too large to ensure a proper watertight seal using the gel filled wire nuts provided with the fixtures. It is important the nut ‘grabs’ and twist until you feel resistance to ensure a proper connection.
Do I need to use electrical tape for connections?
Electrical tape is not required for installation, but using electrical tape is good practice. Even with the wire nuts secured properly over the connection these fixtures are outside exposed to the elements so a small amount of electrical tape to really secure on the wire nuts onto the wire is a good idea. We suggest a few wraps just below the wire nuts to prevent strain on the connections.
How many feet of wire can I run before I see a drop in light output?
There is no set answer on this. This depends on size of transformer, amount of fixtures that are attached to run, and how far between the first and last fixture. Generally, this is not an issue with LED lights since their wattage is so low and we use AC current output which travels better than DC current.
How many fixtures are recommended for one wire run?

Generally, we recommend no more that 15—20 fixtures/100 watts should be on a wire run.  This is to help for troubleshooting any problems that occur and helps keep the light quality the same from the first fixture in the run to the last fixture on the line.

What is the suggested method for running wires?

We recommend the daisy chain method of wiring which involves starting with where your transformer will be located, and running your main wire from the transformer to each desired light location and cutting and splicing the light fixture in. While running the main wire, do your best to avoid areas that have a high probability of the wire being cut.

How deep do you bury the wire?
Electrical code recommends the low voltage wire be buried 6 inches in the ground. However, there are contractors that will just use staples and staple the wire down to hide it underneath whatever mulch or stone they are installing over top. When running the wire through grass or bed edges, it is highly recommended to go at least 6 inches down to avoid cuts in the wire.
What is the recommended fixture installation?

For post cap lights, make the wire connection at the top of the post and test the lights. Once tested, and confirmed the lights are working, slide over the post to secure. For riser and puck lights, make the wire connection, test the lights, and finally use the included hardware to secure the light in desired location.

Transformer Installation & Setup

What size transformer do I need for my project?

Tru-Scapes offers a number of transformer options to best fit your project. Each provides the proper low voltage power supply for our fixtures to allow for proper installation and long life.

Proper Transformer size is one of our most commonly asked questions. Start by designing your job and choosing the best fixtures for the application. Once you have your fixture list you can refer to our website or literature for the wattage rating for each fixture. Add the wattage for a complete number.

It is HIGHLY recommended to stay below 80% of the transformer’s rated total capacity to allow for variations in draw and the ability of future expansion. This rule applies to all transformers. Electricity is not constant; it varies slightly so if you load 148 watts onto 150 watt transformer there is a good chance it will damage fixtures or trip the transformer and no lights will turn on.

Why can't I connect to my Tru-Scapes® Bluetooth Transformer?

Ae you within 30 feet of the transformer with no obstruction? Check to make sure. You can also pull the home screen down on the app to have it refresh the scan. Deleting the app and reinstalling again has also proven to work. You can also unplug the transformer for 15 minutes and plug it back in. If none of the above works, please call our help line at 1.800.878.1240 or contact us.

What is your warranty on transformers?

5-year warranty on all transformers when installed following directions and industry standards. Click here to see our full warranty.

Why is the Tru-Scapes ® red fault light on?

Have you connected your phone to the transformer yet? Upon install,  the fault light will automatically come on until a phone is connected. This is to download date, time, and location. Once a phone is connected, the red fault light will turn off.

You will also want to check wiring connections, a crossed wire will cause a short circuit and turn the system off and turn on the fault light.

Be sure to check to make sure the transformer is large enough to handle the number of fixtures connected.

Does your transformer offer zoning?

Currently our transformers do not offer zoning. To achieve zoning (some lights on while others are off) requires having multiple transformers on the job programmed separately to achieve the zoning effect.

Why does your transformer have multiple “Com” slots and 12V slots?

There are multiple Com slots on our transformers to allow for multiple wire runs. For example, if the transformer is located on the side of the house and the customer wants lights in the front and the back of the house—you can use slot 1 to run wire to the front of the house and slot 2 to run another line to the back. Multiple lines also greatly help for troubleshooting a project if a problem occurs, and prevent overload of the wire.

I have a Bluetooth Transformer but never want them to turn on automatically only manually

There are two ways to enable this feature. The transformers come with two (2) preloaded programs (dusk to midnight, dusk to dawn) that cannot be deleted. You can however edit these programs and by deselecting the “active days” it will keep the transformer from automatically turning on the lights. The other option is to create a custom program and not select any days for the program to be activated. We have a Powerpoint that walks through this step by step with pictures. Please inquire about this file.

Are timers included in your transformers?

All Tru-Scapes® Bluetooth & Economy Transformers , 100W, 150W, & 300W have built in timers. Bluetooth transformers are built in and run off the Tru-Scapes® App. The 100W Economy Tranformer has a built-in photo eye that senses the outside light and has options for 4, 6, and 8 hour run times once it senses it is dark enough outside to turn on the lights.

Can the transformers go outside?

Yes, all Tru-Scapes® transformers are rated for outdoor use. They are not rated for ground contact, so the transformer should be mounted a minimum of 18 inches above grade. It is fully rated for outdoor use keeping out rainwater and moisture. All transformers must be plugged into a GFI outlet.

How do I connect the wires in the transformer?

The main 12/2 or 16/2 wire has 2 different lines of copper. Simply snip the middle vertically to form a Y. Strip the insulation off the copper and insert 1 side of the Y into a slot labeled COM and the other side into the 12V (or 13v,14v if using stainless steel transformer) slot. Tighten screws and gently pull on wire to ensure it is secure and good to go. Click here to watch a video.

Do I need an electrician to install the transformer and lights?

An electrician is not required to install our transformers and lights in most places. Although, if you feel that the scope of work is out of your knowledge, we recommend hiring a professional. The transformer plugs into a standard 120v GFI protected outlet and the system is 12 volts, so it does not require a certified electrician to install the job in most places.  A knowledgeable builder should have no trouble installing our system but be sure to check with local laws in case a license is required.

Why should I buy the Tru-Scapes® Bluetooth Transformer?

The Bluetooth transformer is an all-in-one unit. Controlled through Tru-Scapes® smart lighting app on a mobile device. This eliminates the need to go out and manually adjust the transformer. The Bluetooth transformer will run itself once set up, automatically adjusting for the seasonal sunup/sundown time change. The app also shows a power meter, so you know exactly how much wattage your system is using and has a manual on / off button.

How do I connect and wire Tru-Scapes® deck and fence post cap lights?

Tru-Scapes® Deck Lighting post cap lights are designed to be wired using the daisy chain wiring method with running the main wire from the transformer to all desired light locations, cutting the main wire, and splicing in the light fixture.

Tru-Scapes® Deck Lighting Section

What size deck and fence post do Tru-Scapes® post cap lights fit?

TS-C125—fits 2.5″ black aluminum posts

TS-C130—fits 3″ black aluminum posts

TS-C104—fits 4″ white vinyl posts (variety of companies)

TS-C145—fits 4.5″ TREX® Transcend Post

TS-C150—fits 5″ Timbertech Radiance Post

What material are Tru-Scapes® lights made of?

Tru-Scapes® TS-C104, TS-C145,  TS-C150 are made of an aerospace high-grade poly plastic that ensures they will not fade over time. They can also stand up to any climate they are installed into. Tru-Scapes® TS-C125 and TS-C130 are powder coated aluminum .

What is the Tru-Scapes® Deck Lighting warranty?

All Tru-Scapes® deck lighting products are covered under a 5-year warranty provided  a Tru-Scapes® transformer was used.

What comes in the box with Tru-Scapes®?

All Tru-Scapes® lighting products come with wire nuts and mounting hardware (if applicable) included in the box.

Does Tru-Scapes Deck have color changing fixtures?

Tru-Scapes® does not currently have a color changing option.

What color do Tru-Scapes® Deck Lighting products come in?

TS-C125 Black

TS-C130 Black

TS-C104 White

TS-C145 White, Black, Brown to match TREX® Transcend Railing

TS-C150 White, Black, Brown to match Timbertech® Radiance Railing

Should I use Tru-Scapes® TS-A1001 or TSA501 Deck stair riser lights?

This is a design and aesthetics preference. If you are looking for a stronger lighting effect use the TS-A1001 since it provides more light with four (4) LED’s. For a softer lighting effect use the TS-A501 since it only contains one (1) LED.

What is the minimum overhang required for Tru-Scapes® TS-A501 Deck Riser Light?

½” overhang is required to install the TS-A501 or TS-A1001 step riser lights.

Will Tru-Scapes® be adding more color finishes?

Yes, there are plans to launch more color finishes in the near future.

Are Tru-Scapes® and Tru-Post® lights solar?

The TP-ST100 is the only Tru-Scapes® product that is currently solar powered. All other lighting products require a low voltage transformer.

Can I use the TREX® lighting wire with your fixtures?

Yes. When looking underneath the Tru-Scapes® post cap light you will see a red and black connection with the plug system that goes into a black box that the black lead wire comes out of. Undo the plug connection and plg in your TREX® wire.

Tru-Post® Deck Lighting Section

What size deck and fence post do Tru-Post® post cap lights fit?

Tru-Post® products fit black 2″ and 2.5″ aluminum fence, 4″ white vinyl, 4.5″ Trex® Transcend Posts, and there is a universal wood mount for all other applications.

Can you refill the Tru-Post® TP-OL12SS torch?

Yes, push down on the top and twist to remove. Use the included funnel to refill the canister and ensure that the rubber seal is still in place before screwing back on the cap.

What is the difference between the Tru-Post® TP-101WLA & TP-103WLA?

The only difference between these two fixtures is style. The TP-101WLA has a wider hate at 8″ on top while the TP-103WLA has a 6″ hat on top. Both provide the same light coverage are and lumen output.

Does the Tru-Post® TP-PB124 Planter Basket come with the liner?

Yes, the Tru-Post® Planter Basket does come with a coco liner included at purchase.

What comes in the box with Tru-Post® products?

All Tru-Post® products come with cap style selected at purchase plus any applicable hardware.

  • TP-WL101A & TP-WL103A include bulb, wire nuts, and riser stem.
  • TP-PB124 Planter Basket includes basket, coco liner, and riser stem.
  • TP-OL12SS Stainless Steel Torch includes funnel for refilling, riser stem, and a snuffer for extinguishing flames.

General Questions

Do you offer color changing fixtures?

Not yet, but we are working on this option.

Can you dim the lights?
Our lights do not currently support a dimming option. Even with a 3rd party dimmer installed the bulbs themselves do not support dimming so the customer will end up with flickering lights. Dimming is not good for LED lights and shortens their projected lifespan.
What are your lights made from?

The TS-C125 and TS-C130 are constructed of powder coated aluminum. All other riser and cap light are high grade, durable, polyethylene plastic. 

What color are your lights?
Our lights are classified as a warm white light. 2700 kelvin is the rating given for all our products.
Can you run Tru-scapes deck lights with landscape lights?
Yes, Tru-Scapes Landscape Lighting and Deck Lighting are designed with the same color temperature and connections in mind to make a seamless transition from the deck lighting to the landscape lighting. We highly recommend this integration to allow for a more seemless, efficient, and durable system.
What is the recommended spacing for fixtures?

There are unique styles you can do in terms of versatility and choosing the options your would like to display but most spacing is determined by how your deck, railing, and posts are spaced out.

Can I use your fixtures around a pool or pond?

Our fixtures are rated to ip65.  This means that they are rated for installation no closer than 5 feet to a body of water by electrical code.  This has more to do with the transformer than the actual fixtures but be sure to check local codes since they vary.

What are Lumens?
Lumens are just a scale of measuring how much light a fixture emits.  The higher the Lumens the brighter the light.  All our fixture’s lumens are listed on the quick reference guide to assist with the design process.
Can you help me with designing the lighting on a project?

Yes, we are willing to help with lighting designs. Our team has 20 plus years of experience in design and installation and we are happy to assist. We need a proper layout drawing with measurements and or pictures sent to us of the project and we can provide a good idea of fixture style and placement for your job.

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