The Circular Dot Light: Our Newest Addition

Introduction to new outdoor lighting styles

Landscape lighting has become a very popular addition to outdoor spaces in homes across America. Accent lighting accentuates trees and plants, while path lighting can help illuminate walkways and sidewalks. Landscape lighting adds not only style to your outdoor space, but also brings a higher level of safety. This helps protect your friends and family. There are times when low light conditions outside your home can become dangerous. With the right landscape & hardscape lighting you can allow guests and visitors to see where they are walking. This is crucial for certain visitors on your property.

The classic elegance of traditional landscape lighting will always have prominence in the outdoor lighting industry. But lately, we have been noticing a shift in design. This past year we have seen, contractors and homeowners, alike, make many requests for the involvement of hardscape lighting. Hardscape lighting has the power to elevate your outdoor living area with a subtle low-profile design. Furthermore, this can also help add dimension and light to tight areas.

Transcending Outdoor Lighting Design

With style and design shifting this past year, it is not uncommon to see many new creative outdoor designs being built. Planning and lighting design creativity has taken a whole new perspective in how to incorporate landscape / hardscape lighting in your outdoor space. It’s not uncommon to drive though a neighborhood and see new landscape lighting styles. If you look closely, you can see a good number of houses that now have hardscape lighting within the paths, outlining the driveway, or the back patio itself.

At Tru-Scapes, we offer paver and hardscape lights in a variety of sizes. We also have varying lamp sizes, with our traditional 2700k lamp and our new modern 4000k lamp.

This all seems to be a new movement toward innovative outdoor lighting design. With it comes a need for a something a little different than the traditional hardscape and paver lighting we are used to.

Recognizing An Opportunity

At Tru-Scapes we recognized this consumer demand and added a new circular dot light to fit those unique landscape / hardscape / deck lighting installs. The Tru-Scapes new dot light comes in a traditional warm light (2700k) with a bronze finish and the new modern cool (4000k) with a stainless-steel finish.

Either one of these two options can accentuate and illuminate your outdoor space. The Tru-Scapes team is proud to bring revolutionary outdoor lighting ideas to the industry. We always remain committed to durability and innovation—all while providing high quality lighting fixtures that fit your creativity.

The Traditional Dot Light is known as model # TS-15DOT-BRZ. Specs are as noted: 1.5” OD | 1” drill bit for installation | 12V | .2W LED | 2700K | 60° beam spread | Bronze finish

The Modern Dot Light is known as model # TS-M15DOT-SS. Specs are as noted: 1.5” O.D. |1” drill bit for installation | 12V | .2 W LED | 4000K | 60° beam spread | Stainless Steel finish

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