Color Temperature… which is right for you?

Deck lighting is an easy way to enhance your outdoor space. Looking to light up an outdoor entertainment center, a pool, or stairway? Deck lights can get the job done! Not only do deck lights add beauty to your backyard, they also bring an extra level of safety by illuminating steps and railings. Therefore, this is often an overlooked advantage to adding outdoor lighting to your space. From younger children, kids, older guests, and even anyone you have visiting your home—lighting up outdoor areas always adds an additional feeling of safety.

No matter what your deck looks like, it is important to know what color temperature is right for your home. Furthermore, Tru-Scapes can help you find the right light color for your deck.

What is color temperature?

Color temperature lets you know what tone your light will give off. Lighting colors are measured in degrees Kelvin. The lower the Kelvin number, the warmer the light is. The 2000K-3000K temperature range gives off a traditional warm light. This type of light is most used for outdoor living rooms and outdoor kitchens. However, it works with various applications. The 3000K-4000K temperature range is more of a modern cool white light. This light is very bright and vibrant. Moreover, this type of light is the perfect lighting for stairs and railings as it allows for a higher level of safety. However, it works with various applications.

Color Changing

One thing we take pride in at Tru-Scapes Deck Lighting is innovation. We could see changes coming in the industry related to customer choice and preference. So, we made sure color changing lights were a part of the lineup. These products work out for the DIY homeowner and contractors looking to impress clients. With the TS-C104 and the TS-C145, you have the ability to connect to the Tru-Scapes Color Control App and change your lighting to a full array of RGBW colors. This app is available for download on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

The same awesome color changing features apply to the 2.5″ Dot Light. This will be released soon and available for purchase in our online store. Stay tuned!

Creating An Atmosphere

If you are looking to add a calm relaxing feel to your deck—warm or cool lights can be the way to go. It’s all up to your preference. Warm lights create an easy going, friendly, inviting feel to your space. Cool lights, with a higher Kelvin, are used to create a more modern, clean look. They help your deck look clean, fresh, and really brighten up your space. The difference in choice is ultimately up to the experience that the consumer is looking to create. In addition,

If you recently purchased some tropicals for your deck or patio and you are looking for a more relaxed ambiance out back, to kick back and enjoy the stars, maybe a few drinks, or watch some sports on your outdoor TV—traditional (warm) lights are the way to go. As a result, these work well for parties, gatherings, or events being held into the evening.

If you have a more refined outdoor landscape where you are looking to highlight various features, provide lighting for visitors to join you, or maybe enjoy your modern night lighting intermittently—modern (cool) lights are the way to go. As a result, these work well for parties, gatherings, or events being held into the evening.

Either way, it is all up to preference.

Tru-Scapes Deck Lights

Above all, knowing which color temperature is right for you is imperative to creating a beautiful, perfect look for your outdoor living space. Tru-Scapes offers a variety of riser lights, cap lights and deck railing accessories to chose from. Shop our growing store now to find something you will enjoy!

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